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Cornerstone Renovation is a family-owned business dedicated to building unforgettable in-home experiences. Whether you’re looking for a unique kitchen or bath or eager to breathe new life into a forgotten space, we can help.

Some Recent Snapshots of Our Work

Click on the images below to enjoy a snapshot of some of our recent projects and envision how they might look inside your own home.

What Our Customers Say

“We hired Michael to manage a large-scale renovation of our house. We told Michael we had to be done in six months and we had to stay within budget. Michael kept to his word every step of the way. We were back in our house in six months and he kept us within out budget. The workmanship is beautiful and we are thrilled to be living in the house we had always envisioned. We would hire Michael again in a heartbeat.”


“Excellent service, excellent work, excellent follow through and we would use Michael Myers and his team again. We recommend them highly to others.”


“I have used Michael Myers for two remodeling projects in my home – my kitchen and master bathroom. They are now two of my favorite rooms in my house! Michael was with me every step of the way from helping me plan a design, to helping me select materials that were within my budget and still accomplished the look that I wanted.”


Our Customer Commitment

Review our work. Talk to our customers. What you’ll find is a consistent, across-the-board commitment to customer service, communication, and quality. From the first time you meet us until the final clean up, everything we do is predicated on delivering an outstanding experience that you not only won’t forget, but will be eager to share with your friends and neighbors. Which helps explain why all of our new business comes from old business. We like it that way and so do our customers. 

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